As the editor and publisher of INDIEGO Publishing, I will transform your manuscript into a perfectly edited and beautifully designed book published worldwide through Ingram Book Group’s wholesale distribution as a paperback and hardback, and as an ebook and audiobook (if you choose that option). I have high standards of excellence, and I deliver the best for my authors through collaboration, creativity, and the intelligent use of metadata. I use the hybrid-indie publishing model so that you receive 100% of your retail sales royalties from purchases your readers make on Amazon.
I will provide all of the following publishing services for a flat rate of $3333, which is payable in three monthly installments of $1111.00 each. (I like threes and ones, and it’s easy to remember!) The first payment commences when I am nearly finished editing your book. (Editing is *always* a separate expense because it varies from book to book. This is a standard practice in the publishing industry.) Please note: To maintain my high standards of quality and excellence, I only publish books that I have edited. My thorough editing involves much more to prepare a book for publication than mere copy-editing. When I put my personal and company name to a published book, it needs to adequately represent my standard of excellence.
I spread out the fee over three monthly payments because it takes about three months to thoroughly prepare a book for publication, including proofreading the final edited manuscript, and to design it, publish it, and establish early marketing and promotion initiatives.
Much of the publishing fee covers the cost to purchase the vital products and services needed to publish your book at a traditional professional level, which goes well beyond what you could accomplish on your own through self-publishing. (See the list below.) Plus, my skill, experience, and seamless ability to make this process flow like clockwork would come at a steep learning curve for you. It’s the kind of thing where “you don’t know what you don’t know,” but I do know, and I will project manage the entire publishing process and keep you informed of all vital steps as and when needed. All you need to do is approve your book files at various stages in the process!
My publishing package of $3333 includes the following products, services, guidance, and project management by me so that you can live your life and focus on building buzz for your book while the foundation is being laid during the publishing process. Please note, this is for a text-only book with the insertion of up to 10 images:
* Purchase of three ISBNs: one each for the paperback, the hardcover, and the ebook, and compilation of your book’s metadata with Bowker, the ISBN agency for the United States. If you choose to pay a separate publishing fee for an audiobook, I will purchase a unique ISBN for that version as well.
* Copyright registration with the US Copyright office (in your name), assignment of a Library of Congress number and compilation of the Cataloging-in-Publication information for the copyright page. (This is vital if a library is interested in purchasing a wholesale copy of your book.) This includes purchasing and mailing a paperback copy of your book to the Library of Congress and to the US Copyright office.
* Cover design that is beautiful and unique to the style and message of your book. This includes cover pdfs for the paperback and hardback, and the ebook front cover image.
* Social media banners and a set of print promo pdfs for producing bookmarks, postcards, business cards, a poster, and a wall banner, all matching the design and style of your book cover.
* Interior print book layout, typesetting, and design
* eBook formatting to match the print book interior
* Paperback and hardcover publishing through Ingram Book Group to establish worldwide wholesale distribution to booksellers and libraries so they can purchase your book at a 50% discount. This is a massive benefit over publishing your paperback only with KDP because a 50% wholesale discount encourages booksellers to purchase your book. KDP’s expanded distribution only offers booksellers a 30% wholesale discount. **IMPORTANT: INDIEGO has a publisher’s account with Lightning Source/Ingram, not just IngramSpark. This gives me advantages that I can pass on to you, two of which are multiple revision uploads as needed if you ever want to revise your book in the future, and the ability to set a greater wholesale discount to encourage booksellers to stock your book. Your book will be included in Ingram’s Global Connect Marketplace distribution and Espresso Book Machine technology.
* Six free copies of the hardcover edition of your book.
I use a proven method to guide you through the following early marketing initiatives to launch your book with success and sales right out of the gate!
* Metadata compilation for enhanced search engine optimization. I will research the best keywords and most specific genre categories to increase your book’s relevance and visibility to search engines, and thus your sales. I will send you your book files and complete metadata sheet.
* I will guide you to enlist beta readers to provide vital pre-publication feedback and to post reviews on Amazon within the first week after the book is published, which helps to boost the book’s relevance within Amazon’s internal search algorithms. This launches your book right out of the gate with noticeably increased sales.
* Help you publish your ebook and paperback with KDP after I first publish it with Ingram Book Group to establish worldwide wholesale distribution. This way, you can manage your own KDP account and receive 100% of your *retail* royalties from Amazon, and I will help you determine the best time to run Kindle book giveaways and Countdown Deals to coordinate with the ads I run and the press release.
To set the initial book marketing in motion, I will do the following:
* Yearlong book promotion with WhizBuzz Books.
* Advertise your book on BookBub
* Pay to include your hardcover edition in the Ingram Advance marketing catalog sent to booksellers worldwide.
I will showcase your book on this DesignIndiego website and on the main INDIEGO PUBLISHING website with links to your book’s page on Barnes and Noble and Amazon, LinkedIn, WhizBuzz Books, and IndieBound, all of which enhances the search engine optimization of your book because these are high-profile/high-visibility/high-traffic websites.
I can also publish your book as an audiobook! The cost is an additional $500 per 9,000 words (of the total edited word count of your book) and a $500 production fee. 
Publishing with INDIEGO is a pleasant and professional experience, and most of my authors are repeat customers. I would love to work with you too. I am especially interested in publishing historical fiction and nonfiction, literary fiction, biographies/memoirs, intelligent fun romances, and nature/travel writing. Please write to me at to inquire about your book today. I look forward to hearing from you! 
Disclaimer: I will not edit or publish books that promote violence, prejudice, racism, agism, sexism, or abuse of any kind toward humans or animals. I reserve the right to refuse to publish any book that I deem not a worthy representative of the high quality of INDIEGO PUBLISHING.
Feel free to inquire about editing and publishing services for your book! At INDIEGO PUBLISHING, we have high standards and strive for excellence in all that we do so that our published books are absolutely top quality at every stage of the process: writing, editing, design, formatting, and publishing.Cheers and thanks!Janet AngeloEditor and PublisherINDIEGO PUBLISHING
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